Venture Capital

RAYRC and its associates are continuous quest for evolving opportunities in this rapidly changing economic environment.

We have planned to create corpus for newly emerged business. RAYRC’s core research team incessantly researched about top investments opportunities evolved .

In India, power and energy sector is likely to get boost but the foremost sector which is going to hold key in upcoming high inflation environment is Agriculture.

RAYRC has ventured into ambitious project to acquire 500acres of land in coming two years for purpose of structural organic farm. Pilot project regarding the same already started and outcome is encouraging. Proposed storage house and outlet are underway exclusively for organic food. We will unveil our full plan on land syndication in third quarter of FY2018.

Our Key Highlights

point2.png 1st phase 50 Acre land acquisition in process
point2.png Investments into IT solutions and services
point2.png Fleet Management Solution