Trading Solutions

This is exclusively for retail trader.

It’s common that retail trader always lose money over the period. Some short term benefit might excite them but overall they ended up with losing side.

Market is a complex environment, though it always entices people to get in but the web of it requires higher level of understanding before get in. Foreign Institutions, Hedge funds etc continuously churn their fund in different Market and play Global. Similarly domestic Institution churns their portfolio across different sector. People normally get trapped in the upper end of Market and get out at the lower, in the process ended with loss.

Our trading call involves after in-depth analysis of Macro-Micro economics, Fund behavior, Economic indicators and daily events and their impacts.

Pattern, Technical chart all seems to be deceptive nowadays as underlying economics is going through tough fundamental challenges. It’s essential for trader to knowhow the events and impacts and stay alert. Out trading solution is perfectly fit to trade in this trepid environment.

Trading solution is meant for daily/short term trader, which divided into four parts:

a ) Intraday
b ) BTST
c ) Weekly
d ) Monthly.


Our Key Highlights

point2.png  The calls for the day and week
point2.png The way and detail steps of playing into market on Intraday or BTST basis
point2.png Fundamental and technical info about sector as well as stocks to hold for week or month
point2.png Technician’s of sectors & stocks and possible trading opportunities
point2.png Economic indicators and its daily impacts on Market and overall market call
point2.png Derivative application for hedging and trading
point2.png Derivative play