Investment Solutions

RAYRC advisory team always a one step ahead compare to its peer. We keep on studying on the Mutual fund’s behaviour and various other fund allocations closely. Monitor world market and each sector closely and identifying the best sector for investments.

Looking at the sectorial churn in this trepid environment, we have caution investor to prompt dilution of investments which are idle for significant period.

Identifying and scrutinize each sector thoroughly before giving any advise.

We let our client to access to fact sheet and share the why & Why’s of each proposal. We also let our client know how much variation is acceptable so that avoid any deception.

Our Key Highlights

point2.png  Portfolio Management
point2.png Investments Evolutions
point2.png Market & Currency Risk Assessment
point2.png Bond Valuation
point2.png Dribble-Out
point2.png Broad Syndication
point2.png Stock Market Behaviour & Investment Opportunities Appraisal
point2.png Trading Opportunities and short term investments analysis