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At the MCX, Crude oil futures for Nov contract was trading at Rs. 2679.00 per barrel, down by -3.35%, after opening at Rs.2776.00 per barrel, against a previous close of Rs. 2772.00 per barrel. It touched an intra-day low of Rs. 2662.00 per barrel and high of Rs.2794.00 per barrel in the future market.

Crude oil futures on Thursday fell by 3.35 per cent to Rs 22679.00 per barrel as participants reduced their positions on low demand.

Gold Futures eased slightly on October 29 despite a positive trend seen in the international spot prices.

Cotton futures fell marginally to Rs 19600 per bale on October 29 as participants increased short positions as seen from open interest.

Nickel prices on Thursday fell by 0.69 per cent to Rs 1166.40 per kg in futures trade after participants offloaded their positions amid weak demand in spot market.

On Multi Commodity Exchange, Commodities like CPO, Zinc, Gold Guinea, GoldM, Gold, Gold Petal futures were the gainers, gained by 0.31%,0.17%, 0.09%, 0.07%, 0.04%, 0.02% respectively. While Commodities like Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Silver, Nickel, Aluminium,MCX METLDEX,MCX Bulldex, Lead, Cotton, Mentha Oil, Copper futures were the losers with a loss of 3.35%, 0.78%, 0.70%, 0.69%, 0.33%,0.09%,0.09%,0.07%,0.05%,0.01% respectively.

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