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INR fell against other major currency. The rupee depreciated 14 paise against the US dollar closing at 74.03 on Friday, ending its five-day winning streak. Rupee opened at 73.80 and closed at 74.03 against us Dollar. USD/INR touched intraday low of 73.73 and high of 74.08. The currency pair EUR/INR opened at 88.10 and closed 20 paise lower at 88.14 which was previously close at 87.94.INR fell 0.12% against GBP. INR also traded down 0.42% and 0.04% against JPY and CNY.

After a flat finish in the previous session, the Euro US Dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate is edging marginally higher on Friday. US dollar fall 0.03% against Euro. USD trading 0.08% lower against JPY whereas USD trading 0.26% higher against GBP. USD trading down by 0.10% ,0.01%, 0.27% against CNY, HKD,KRW currencies respectively.

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