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The Indian rupee appreciated against the US dollar on Thursday amid volatile domestic equities. Rupee opened at 73.82 and closed 5 paise higher at 73.87 against us Dollar. USD/INR touched intraday low of 73.75 and high of 73.90. The currency pair EUR/INR opened at 88.02 and closed 2 paise lower at 87.94 which was previously close at 87.96.INR fell against all other major currency. INR fell 0.11% against GBP. INR also traded down 0.19% and 0.03% against JPY and CNY.

The US dollar was on the defensive on Thursday as downbeat US economic data and optimism about coronavirus vaccines prompted investors to seek out riskier assets tied to global commodities and emerging markets. US dollar fall 0.07% against Indian Rupee. USD trading 0.09% lower against JPY whereas USD trading 0.22% higher against EUR. USD trading down by 0.10% ,0.01%, 0.27% against CNY, HKD,KRW currencies respectively.

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